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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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2.2 Custom installation

Most sites need to modify the default installation procedure in some way, perhaps merely changing the prefix from `/usr/local', perhaps adding extra compiler or loader options to work around configure bugs. This section explains how to override default choices. For additional distribution-specific information:

These instructions are for Unix systems. Other operating-system specific distributions have their own instructions. The code base itself supports Amiga, DOS, OS/2, and VMS.

Following are the same steps as in the previous section (which describes the simplest installation), but with much more detail.

2.2.1 Disk space  
2.2.2 Kpathsea application distributions  
2.2.3 Changing search paths  
2.2.4 Running configure  
2.2.5 Running make  
2.2.6 Installing files  
2.2.7 Cleaning up  
2.2.8 Filename database generation  
2.2.9 `mktex' scripts  
2.2.10 Installation testing  

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