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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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(This section adapted from the comp.sys.sun.admin FAQ.)

If you are linking with Sun's OpenWindows libraries in SunOS 4.1.x, you may get undefined symbols _get_wmShellWidgetClass and _get_applicationShellWidgetClass when linking. This problem does not arise using the standard MIT X libraries under SunOS.

The cause is bugs in the Xmu shared library as shipped from Sun. There are several fixes:

Here is the information for getting the two patches:

Patch ID: 100512-02
Bug ID's: 1086793, 1086912, 1074766
Description: 4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 libXt jumbo patch

Patch ID: 100573-03
Bug ID: 1087332
Description: 4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 undefined symbols when using shared libXmu.

The way to statically link with libXmu depends on whether you are using a Sun compiler (e.g., cc) or gcc. If the latter, alter the x_libs Make variable to include

-static -lXmu -dynamic

If you are using the Sun compiler, use `-Bstatic' and `-Bdynamic'.

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