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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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This can happen if either mktexpk hasn't been installed properly, or if the local installation of Metafont isn't correct.

If mf is a command not found by mktexpk, then you need to install Metafont (see section 2.5 `unixtex.ftp': Obtaining TeX).

If Metafont runs, but generates fonts at the wrong resolution, you need to be sure the `M' and `D' lines in your Dvips configuration file match (see section `Config files' in Dvips). For example, if mktexpk is generating 300dpi fonts, but you need 600dpi fonts, you should have:
M ljfour
D 600

If Metafont runs but generates fonts at a resolution of 2602dpi (and prints out the name of each character as well as just a character number, and maybe tries to display the characters), then your Metafont base file probably hasn't been made properly. (It's using the default proof mode, instead of an actual device mode.) To make a proper `plain.base', assuming the local mode definitions are contained in a file `modes.mf', run the following command (assuming Unix):

inimf "plain; input modes; dump"

Then copy the `plain.base' file from the current directory to where the base files are stored on your system (`/usr/local/share/texmf/web2c' by default), and make a link (either hard or soft) from `plain.base' to `mf.base' in that directory. See section `inimf invocation' in Web2c.

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