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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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2.6.2 Mailing lists

Web2c and Kpathsea in general are discussed on the mailing list tex-k@mail.tug.org. To join, email tex-k-request@mail.tug.org with a line consisting of

subscribe you@your.preferred.email.address

in the body of the message.

You do not need to join to submit a report, nor will it affect whether you get a response. There is no Usenet newsgroup equivalent (if you can be the one to set this up, email `tex-k-request'). Traffic on the list is fairly light, and is mainly bug reports and enhancement requests to the software. The best way to decide if you want to join or not is read some of the archives from ftp://ftp.tug.org/mail/archives/tex-k/.

Be aware that large data files are sometimes included in bug reports. If this is a problem for you, do not join the list.

If you only want announcements of new releases, not bug reports and discussion, join tex-archive@math.utah.edu (via mail to tex-archive-request@math.utah.edu).

If you are looking for general TeX help, such as how to use LaTeX, please use the mailing list info-tex@shsu.edu mailing list, which is gatewayed to the `comp.text.tex' Usenet newsgroup (or post to the newsgroup; the gateway is bidirectional).

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