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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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2.5 `unixtex.ftp': Obtaining TeX

This is ftp://ftp.tug.org/tex/unixtex.ftp, last updated 18 March 1998. Also available as http://www.tug.org/unixtex.ftp. The IP address is currently [], and the canonical host name is currently `tug.org'. It is also in Kpathsea source distributions as `etc/unixtex.ftp' (although the network version is usually newer). Mail kb@mail.tug.org with comments or questions.

Following are general instructions for Unix or other sites who wish to acquire the Web2c distribution, (plain) TeX, LaTeX (2e), BibTeX, Metafont, MetaPost, DVI processors for the X window system, PostScript, the PCL language in the HP LaserJet, and related programs. They are oriented towards building from the original sources, though some information on alternative packages is included in the last section. See also http://www.tug.org/web2c, the Web2c and Kpathsea home page.

Please consider joining the TeX Users Group (TUG) to help support the maintenance and development of the programs you retrieve. Email tug@tug.org or see http://www.tug.org for information and a membership form.

For actual installation instructions after obtaining the necessary sources, see 2. Installation. A copy is in the distribution file `kpathsea/INSTALL'.

2.5.1 Electronic distribution  CTAN and so forth.
2.5.2 CD-ROM distribution  
2.5.3 Tape distribution  
2.5.4 Other TeX packages  

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