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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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2.4 TeX directory structure

This section describes the default installation hierarchy of the distribution. It conforms to both the GNU coding standards and the TeX directory structure (TDS) standard. For rationale and further explanation, please see those documents. The GNU standard is available as ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/standards/standards.texi and mirrors. The TDS document is available from `CTAN:/tex-archive/tds' (see section 2.5 `unixtex.ftp': Obtaining TeX).

You can change the default paths in many ways (see section 2.2.3 Changing search paths). One common desire is to put everything (binaries and all) under a single top-level directory such as `/usr/local/texmf' or `/opt/texmf'---in the terms used below, make prefix and texmf the same. For specific instructions on doing that, see configure scenarios.

Here is a skeleton of the default directory structure, extracted from the TDS document:

prefix/      installation root (`/usr/local' by default)
 bin/         executables
 man/         man pages
 include/     C header files
 info/        GNU info files
 lib/         libraries (`libkpathsea.*')
 share/       architecture-independent files
  texmf/      TDS root
   bibtex/     BibTeX input files
    bib/        BibTeX databases
     base/       base distribution (e.g., `xampl.bib')
     misc/       single-file databases
     pkg/       name of a package
    bst/        BibTeX style files
     base/       base distribution (e.g., `plain.bst', `acm.bst')
     misc/       single-file styles
     pkg/       name of a package
   doc/         additional documentation
   dvips/       `.pro', `.ps', `psfonts.map'
   fonts/       font-related files
    type/         file type (e.g., `tfm', `pk')
     mode/          type of output device (types `pk' and `gf' only)
      supplier/       name of a font supplier (e.g., `public')
       typeface/        name of a typeface (e.g., `cm')
        dpinnn/           font resolution (types `pk' and `gf' only)
   metafont/    Metafont (non-font) input files
    base/        base distribution (e.g., `plain.mf')
    misc/        single-file packages (e.g., `modes.mf')
    pkg/           name of a package (e.g., `mfpic')
   metapost/    MetaPost input files
    base/        base distribution (e.g., `plain.mp')
    misc/        single-file packages
    pkg/           name of a package
    support/     support files for MetaPost-related utilities (e.g., `trfonts.map')
   mft/         `MFT' inputs (e.g., `plain.mft')
   tex/         TeX input files
    format/         name of a format (e.g., `plain')
     base/        base distribution for format (e.g., `plain.tex')
     misc/        single-file packages (e.g., `webmac.tex')
     local/       local additions to or local configuration files for format
     pkg/           name of a package (e.g., `graphics', `mfnfss')
    generic/     format-independent packages
     hyphen/      hyphenation patterns (e.g., `hyphen.tex')
     images/      image input files (e.g., Encapsulated PostScript)
     misc/        single-file format-independent packages (e.g., `null.tex').
     pkg/           name of a package (e.g., `babel')
   web2c/        implementation-dependent files (`.pool', `.fmt', `texmf.cnf', etc.)

Some concrete examples for most file types:


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