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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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The first argument to a `mktex' script is always the name of the file to be created.

In the default `mktexpk' implementation, additional arguments may also be passed:

`--dpi num'
Sets the resolution of the generated font to num.
`--mfmode name'
Sets the Metafont mode to name.
`--bdpi num'
Sets the the "base dpi" for the font. This must match the mode being used.
`--mag string'
A "magstep" string suitable for the Metafont mag variable. This must match the combination of bdpi and dpi being used.
`--destdir string'
A directory name. If the directory is absolute, it is used as-is. Otherwise, it is appended to the root destination directory set in the script.

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