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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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The following table shows the default name of the script for each possible file types. (The source is the variable kpse_make_specs in `kpathsea/tex-make.c'.)

Glyph fonts.

TeX input files.

Metafont input files.

TFM files.

These names are overridden by an environment variable specific to the program--for example, DVIPSMAKEPK for Dvipsk.

If a mktex... script fails, the invocation is appended to a file `missfont.log' (by default) in the current directory. You can then execute the log file to create the missing files after fixing the problem.

If the current directory is not writable and the environment variable or configuration file value TEXMFOUTPUT is set, its value is used. Otherwise, nothing is written. The name `missfont.log' is overridden by the MISSFONT_LOG environment variable or configuration file value.

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