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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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The following file types can run an external program to create missing files: `pk', `tfm', `mf', `tex'; the scripts are named `mktexpk', `mktextfm', `mktexmf', and `mktextex'.

In the absence of configure options specifying otherwise, everything but `mktextex' will be enabled by default. The configure options to change the defaults are:


The configure setting is overridden if the environment variable or configuration file value named for the script is set; e.g., `MKTEXPK' (see section `mktex' script arguments).

As distributed, all the scripts source a file `texmf/web2c/mktex.cnf' if it exists, so you can override various defaults. See `mktex.opt', for instance, which defines the default mode, resolution, some special directory names, etc. If you prefer not to change the distributed scripts, you can simply create `mktex.cnf' with the appropriate definitions (you do not need to create it if you have nothing to put in it). `mktex.cnf' has no special syntax; it's an arbitrary Bourne shell script. The distribution contains a sample `mktex.cnf' for you to copy and modify as you please (it is not installed anywhere).

In addition, you can configure a number of features with the MT_FEATURES variable, which you can define:

If none of the options below are enabled, mktexpk, mktextfm, and mktexmf follow the following procedure to decide where fonts should be installed. Find the tree where the font's sources are, and test the permissions of the `fonts' directory of that tree to determine whether it is writable. If it is, put the files in the tree in appropriate locations. If it isn't writable, see whether the tree is a system tree (named in SYSTEXMF). If so, the VARTEXFONTS tree is used. In all other cases the working directory is used.

The `appendonlydir' option is enabled by default.

Tell mktexdir to create directories append-only, i.e., set their sticky bit (see section `Mode Structure' in GNU File Utilities). This feature is silently ignored on non-Unix platforms (e.g. Windows/NT and MS-DOS) which don't support similar functionality. This feature is enabled by default.

Use 8.3 names; e.g., `dpi600/cmr10.pk' instead of `cmr10.600pk'. Note that this feature only affects filenames that would otherwise clash with other TeX-related filenames; `mktex' scripts do nothing about filenames which exceed the 8+3 MS-DOS limits but remain unique when truncated (by the OS) to these limits, and nether do the scripts care about possible clashes with files which aren't related with TeX. For example, `cmr10.600pk' would clash with `cmr10.600gf' and is therefore changed when `dosnames' is in effect, but `mf.pool' and `mp.base' don't clash with any TeX-related files and are therefore unchanged.

This feature is turned on by default on MS-DOS. If you do not wish `dosnames' to be set on an MS-DOS platform, you need to set the MT_FEATURES environment variable to a value that doesn't include `dosnames'. You can also change the default setting by editing `mktex.opt', but only if you use the `mktex' shell scripts; the emulation programs don't consult `mktex.opt'.

Instead of deriving the location of a font in the destination tree from the location of the sources, the aliases and directory names from the Fontname distribution are used. (see section `Introduction' in Fontname).

Omit the directory level for the mode name; this is fine as long as you generate fonts for only one mode.

Omit the font supplier name directory level.

Omit the font typeface name directory level.

Omit the font supplier and typeface name directory levels. This feature is deprecated in favour of `stripsupplier' and `striptypeface'.

When this option is enabled, fonts that would otherwise be written in system texmf tree go to the VARTEXFONTS tree instead. The default value in `kpathsea/Makefile.in' is `/var/tmp/texfonts'. The Linux File System Standard recommends `/var/tex/fonts'.

The `varfonts' setting in MT_FEATURES is overridden by the USE_VARTEXFONTS environment variable: if set to `1', the feature is enabled, and if set to `0', the feature is disabled.

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