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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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2.2.5 Running make

make (still in the top-level directory). This also creates the `texmf.cnf' and `paths.h' files that define the default search paths, and (by default) the `plain' and `latex' TeX formats.

You can override directory names and other values at make-time. `make/paths.make' lists the variables most commonly reset. For example, `make default_texsizes=600' changes the list of fallback resolutions.

You can also override each of configure's environment variables (see section configure environment). The Make variables have the same names.

Finally, you can supply additional options via the following variables. (configure does not use these.)

Preprocessor options.

Compiler options.

Loader options (included at beginning of link commands).

More loader options (included at end of link commands).

Additional Make arguments passed to all sub-make's. You may need to include assignments to the other variables here via XMAKEARGS; for example: `make XMAKEARGS="CFLAGS=-O XDEFS=-DA4"'.

It's generally a bad idea to use a different compiler (`CC') or libraries (LIBS) for compilation than you did for configuration, since the values configure determined may then be incorrect.

Adding compiler options to change the "universe" you are using (typically BSD vs. system V) is generally a cause of trouble. It's best to use the native environment, whatever that is; configure and the software usually adapt best to that. In particular, under Solaris 2.x, you should not use the BSD-compatibility library (`libucb') or include files (`ucbinclude').

If you want to use the Babel LaTeX package for support of non-English typesetting, you need to modify some files before making the LaTeX format. See the file `install.txt' in the Babel distribution.

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