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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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configure uses the value of the following environment variables in determining your system's characteristics, and substitutes for them in Makefile's:

The compiler to use: default is gcc if it's installed, otherwise cc.

Options to give the compiler: default is `-g -O2' for gcc, `-g' otherwise. CFLAGS comes after any other options. You may need to include -w here if your compilations commonly have useless warnings (e.g., NULL redefined), or configure may fail to detect the presence of header files (it takes the messages on standard error to mean the header file doesn't exist).

Options to pass to the compiler preprocessor; this matters most for configuration, not the actual source compilation. The configure script often does only preprocessing (e.g., to check for the existence of #include files), and CFLAGS is not used for this. You may need to set this to something like `-I/usr/local/include/wwwhatever' if you have the libwww library installed for hyper-xdvik (see `xdvik/INSTALL').

Additional preprocessor options, but not used by configure. Provided for enabling or disabling program features, as documented in the various program-specific installation instructions. DEFS comes before any compiler options included by the distribution `Makefile's or by configure.

Additional options to give to the loader. LDFLAGS comes before any other linker options.

Additional libraries to link with.

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