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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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For a complete list of all configure options, run `configure --help' or see section `Running configure scripts' in Autoconf, (a copy is in the file `kpathsea/README.CONFIGURE'). The generic options are listed first in the `--help' output, and the package-specific options come last. The environment variables configure pays attention to are listed below.

Options particularly likely to be useful are `--prefix', `--datadir', and the like; see configure scenarios.

This section gives pointers to descriptions of the `--with' and `--enable' options to configure that Kpathsea-using programs accept.

Enable or disable the dynamic generation programs. See section `mktex' configuration.

Build Kpathsea as a shared library, and link against it. Also build the usual static library. See section Shared library.

Build only the shared library. Implies `--enable-shared'.

Enables make targets that are useful for the maintainer and likely to be a pain for anyone else; the makefiles created when this option is enabled may not work at all for you. You have been warned.

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