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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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2.2.4 Running configure

Run sh configure options (in the top-level directory, the one containing `kpathsea/'), possibly using a shell other than sh (see section configure shells).

configure adapts the source distribution to the present system via #define's in `*/c-auto.h', which are created from the corresponding `c-auto.in'. It also creates a `Makefile' from the corresponding `Makefile.in', doing `@var@' and `ac_include' substitutions).

configure is the best place to control the configuration, compilation, and installed location of the software, either via command-line options, or by setting environment variables before invoking it. For example, you can disable mktexpk by default with the option `--disable-mktexpk'. See section configure options. configure shells configure options configure environment configure scenarios Shared library  

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