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Kpathsea: A library for path searching

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This section describes how the default paths are constructed.

You may wish to ignore the whole mess and simply edit `texmf.cnf' after it is installed, perhaps even copying it into place beforehand so you can complete the installation, if it seems necessary.

To summarize the chain of events that go into defining the default paths:

  1. `configure' creates a `Makefile' from each `Makefile.in'.

  2. When Make runs in the `kpathsea' directory, it creates a file `texmf.sed' that substitutes the Make value of $(var) for a string @var@. The variables in question are the one that define the installation directories.

  3. `texmf.sed' (together with a little extra magic--see `kpathsea/Makefile') is applied to `texmf.in' to generate `texmf.cnf'. This is the file that will eventually be installed and used.

  4. The definitions in `texmf.cnf' are recast as C #define's in `paths.h'. These values will be the compile-time defaults; they are not used at runtime unless no `texmf.cnf' file can be found.

    (That's a lie: the compile-time defaults are what any extra :'s in `texmf.cnf' expand into; but the paths as distributed have no extra :'s, and there's no particular reason for them to.)

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