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Frequently asked questions about Octave (with answers)

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3.1 Command and variable name completion

Typing a TAB character (ASCII code 9) on the command line causes Octave to attempt to complete variable, function, and file names. Octave uses the text before the cursor as the initial portion of the name to complete.

For example, if you type `fu' followed by TAB at the Octave prompt, Octave will complete the rest of the name `function' on the command line (unless you have other variables or functions defined that begin with the characters `fu'). If there is more than one possible completion, Octave will ring the terminal bell to let you know that your initial sequence of characters is not enough to specify a unique name. To complete the name, you may either edit the initial character sequence (usually adding more characters until completion is possible) or type another TAB to cause Octave to display the list of possible completions.

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