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MCSim User' Manual

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Output specification5.2.7 Output calculations
Output variables5.2.2 Global parameter declarations
OutputFile() specification6.3.3 OutputFile() specification
Overview2. Overview

Parameter declaration5.2.2 Global parameter declarations
Parameter scaling5.2.6 Parameter scaling
PerDose() function5.2.4 Input functions
PerExp() function5.2.4 Input functions
Piecewise distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Pitfalls7. Common Pitfalls
Poisson distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Print() specification6.4.3 Print() specification
PrintStep() specification6.4.4 PrintStep() specification

Random number, normal5.2.3 Special functions
Random number, uniform5.2.3 Special functions

Scale, scaling specification5.2.6 Parameter scaling
Semi-colon5.2.1 General syntax
SetPoint() specification6.3.7 SetPoints() specification
SetPoints simulations2.2 Types of simulations
SimType() specification6.3.1 SimType() specification
Simulation definition files6. Specifying Simulations
Simulation file, syntax6.2 Syntax of the simulation definition file
Software license1. Software License
Special functions5.2.3 Special functions
Specification, Data()6.4.5 Data() specification
Specification, Distrib()6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Specification, Integrate()6.3.2 Integrate() specification
Specification, MCMC()6.3.6 MCMC() specification
Specification, MonteCarlo()6.3.4 MonteCarlo() specification
Specification, OutputFile()6.3.3 OutputFile() specification
Specification, Print()6.4.3 Print() specification
Specification, PrintStep()6.4.4 PrintStep() specification
Specification, SetPoint()6.3.7 SetPoints() specification
Specification, SimType()6.3.1 SimType() specification
Specification, StartTime()6.4.2 StartTime() specification
Specification, statistical model6.5 Specifying a statistical model
Specifying simulations6. Specifying Simulations
Spikes() function5.2.4 Input functions
StartTime() specification6.4.2 StartTime() specification
State variables5.2.2 Global parameter declarations
Statistical model specification6.5 Specifying a statistical model
Style5.2.8 Comments on style
Syntax for mod5.2 Syntax of the model description file
Syntax of simulation files6.2 Syntax of the simulation definition file

Triangular distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
TruncLogNormal distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
TruncLogNormal_v distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
TruncNormal distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
TruncNormal_v distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification

Uniform distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
UniformRandom() function5.2.3 Special functions
Unix make utilityA. Using make

Working Through an Example4. Working Through an Example

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