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MCSim User' Manual

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'#' sign5.2.1 General syntax
';' sign5.2.1 General syntax

Analyzing results6.6 Analyzing results
Assignment5.2.1 General syntax

Beta distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Bibliographic referencesBibliographic References
Binomial distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Blank lines5.2.1 General syntax

CalcOutputs, output specification5.2.7 Output calculations
CDFNormal() function5.2.3 Special functions
Chi2 distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Colon conditional assignment5.2.1 General syntax
Comments5.2.1 General syntax
Common pitfalls7. Common Pitfalls
Comparison operators5.2.1 General syntax
Conditional assignment5.2.1 General syntax
Cumulative density function, Normal5.2.3 Special functions

Data() specification6.4.5 Data() specification
DefaultSim2.2 Types of simulations
Defining models5. Defining Models
Density function, Normal5.2.3 Special functions
Derivative specification5.2.5 Dynamics specifications
Distrib() specification6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, beta6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, binomial6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, chi26.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, exponential6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, gamma6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, inverse-gamma6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, lognormal6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, lognormal_v6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, loguniform6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, normal6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, normal_v6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, piecewise6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, Poisson6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, triangular6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, truncated lognormal6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, truncated normal6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, trunclognormal_v6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, truncnormal_v6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Distribution, uniform6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Dt() operator5.2.5 Dynamics specifications
Dynamics specifications5.2.5 Dynamics specifications

Erfc() function5.2.3 Special functions
Error function5.2.3 Special functions
Error handling6.7 Error Handling
Euler integrator6.3.2 Integrate() specification
Examples5. Defining Models
ExamplesB. Examples
Experiment definition6.4.1 Experiment definition
Exponential distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification

Function, CDFNormal()5.2.3 Special functions
Function, erfc()5.2.3 Special functions
Function, lnDFNormal()5.2.3 Special functions
Function, lnGamma()5.2.3 Special functions
Function, NDoses5.2.4 Input functions
Function, NormalRandom()5.2.3 Special functions
Function, PerDose()5.2.4 Input functions
Function, PerExp()5.2.4 Input functions
Function, Spikes()5.2.4 Input functions
Function, UniformRandom()5.2.3 Special functions
Functions, input5.2.4 Input functions
Functions, special5.2.3 Special functions

Gamma distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Gamma function5.2.3 Special functions
Global specifications6.3 Global specifications

Input functions5.2.4 Input functions
Input variables5.2.2 Global parameter declarations
Installation3. Installation
Integrate() specification6.3.2 Integrate() specification
Integration routine, Euler6.3.2 Integrate() specification
Integration routine, Lsodes6.3.2 Integrate() specification
Integration variable5.2.5 Dynamics specifications
InvGamma distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification

Level definition6.5.1 Level definition
License1. Software License
LnDFNormal() function5.2.3 Special functions
LnGamma() function5.2.3 Special functions
Lognormal distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
LogNormal_v distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
LogUniform distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Lsodes integrator6.3.2 Integrate() specification

Major changes in versions Major changes introduced with version 4.2.0
MakeA. Using make
Markov-chain Monte Carlo simulations2.2 Types of simulations
Markov-chain Monte Carlo simulations6.3.6 MCMC() specification
MCMC simulations2.2 Types of simulations
MCMC() specification6.3.6 MCMC() specification
Mod syntax5.2 Syntax of the model description file
Mod usage5.1 Using Mod to process model description files
Model definition files5. Defining Models
Models5.2.9 Note about models
Monte Carlo2.2 Types of simulations
MonteCarlo() specification6.3.4 MonteCarlo() specification

NDoses() function5.2.4 Input functions
Normal cumulative density function5.2.3 Special functions
Normal density function5.2.3 Special functions
Normal distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
Normal_v distribution6.3.5 Distrib() specification
NormalRandom() function5.2.3 Special functions

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