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MCSim User' Manual

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A. Using make

Make is a utility that facilitates doing repetitive tasks like compilation. A `makefile' is a text file that contains a description of what make should do and under what circumstances. For example the compilation `Makefile' included with the MCSim distribution only compile a C-file if it has changed since the last compilation. This means that when you change your model and create a new `model.c' file using mod, only the `model.c' file needs to be compiled to recreate the simulation engine.

Before you run make for the first time on a machine you must change some settings in the makefile to specify where your C compiler is on your file system, and some special settings for that compiler. Refer to the documentation (or manual pages in Unix) for your compiler to do this. In the makefile file there are several variables defined which you may need to change. They are described in the makefile itself.

You run the make program by entering make or make -f Makefile at the prompt from the directory where the program is that you want to compile.

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