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MCSim User' Manual

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6.3 Global specifications

The global section is used to give specifications relevant to all experiments, for example specification of the type of analysis, how the integrator should work, parameter modifications to be used for all experiments, etc.

Both the global section and each experiment section can contain modifications to defined model variables. At the beginning of a simulation, all model parameters are initialized to the nominal values specified in the model description file. Next, modifications given in the global section are applied, and finally any modifications for the current experiment are applied.

6.3.1 SimType() specification  
6.3.2 Integrate() specification  
6.3.3 OutputFile() specification  
6.3.4 MonteCarlo() specification  
6.3.5 Distrib() specification  
6.3.6 MCMC() specification  
6.3.7 SetPoints() specification  

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