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MCSim User' Manual

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6.1 Using the compiled program

The simulation environment MCSim provides several types of simulations for the models you create. Simulations are specified in a text file of format similar to that of the model description file.

In Unix the command-line syntax for the MCSim program is:

mcsim [input-file [output-file]]

where the brackets indicate optional arguments. This assume that you have not renamed the executable file; If you have, substitute the name of your executable. If no input and output file names are specified, the program will prompt you for them. If already one file name is given on the command-line, the program will assume it specifies the input file and will prompt you for the output file name. You must provide an input file name. If you just hit the return key when prompted for the output name, the program will use the name you have specified in the input file, if any, or a default name. When the program starts up, it announces which model description file it was created with. The input file describes the simulations to perform and specifies which outputs should be printed out (see section 6.2 Syntax of the simulation definition file).

On the Macintosh you double-click the `MCSim' icon and enter the name of your simulation definition file at the first prompt and then the name of the output file (or just hit return if you want the default or the name you have specified in the input file to be used).

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