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MCSim User' Manual

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5.2 Syntax of the model description file

The model description file is a text (ASCII) file that consists of several sections, including global declarations, dynamics specifications (eventually with derivative calculations), model scaling, and output computations:

# Model description file (this is a comment)
<Global parameter specifications>
Dynamics {
  <Equations for calculating the dynamics, or state derivatives>
Scale {
  <Equations for scaling model parameters>
CalcOutputs {
  <Equations for scaling the outputs>

where Dynamics, Scale and CalcOutputs are keywords and, if used, must appear as shown, followed by the curly braces which delimit the section. At least one of the sections Dynamics or CalcOutputs should be defined. Dynamics must be used if the model includes differential equations.

5.2.1 General syntax  
5.2.2 Global parameter declarations  
5.2.3 Special functions  
5.2.4 Input functions  
5.2.5 Dynamics specifications  
5.2.6 Parameter scaling  
5.2.7 Output calculations  
5.2.8 Comments on style  
5.2.9 Note about models  

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