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MCSim User' Manual

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3.3 Machine-Specific Installation

To install on a given machine, download (in binary mode) the distributed archive file to your machine.directory. Move it to an empty directory of any name. Decompress the archive with GNU gunzip (gunzip <archive-name.gz>). Untar the decompressed archive with tar (tar xf <archive-name>; do man tar for further help). On Macintosh machines the programme "Stuffit Expander" should be able to both uncompress and untar the archive. This decompression will create two directories: `mod' and `sim'.

Move to the `mod' directory. Under Unix, compile the mod program using the `Makefile' in that directory (the command make should just do that). Under other operating systems, refer to the documentation of your compiler to create an executable `mod' file from the source code provided in the `mod' directory. Move the executable `mod' program you just created to the `sim' directory.

You are then ready to use MCSim. This requires creating a model definition file, processing it with the mod program, and compiling the resulting `model.c' file with all the other C files in the `sim' directory. You can then run simulations files. We recommend that you go to the next section of this manual (see section 4. Working Through an Example, which walk you through an example of model building and running.

The makefile `Test_mcsim' can be used to test whether the program output on your Unix machine is the same as the one on our machines. Just type: make; make -f Test_mcsim when in your `sim' directory. All input files will be run and their output compared to the corresponding output files. You will need to have the `mod' program already compiled and inside the `sim' directory, or on the command path. In case of differences, don't panic: check the actual differences between the culprit output file and the file `sim.out' produced by the makefile. Small differences may occur from different machine precision. This can happen for random numbers, in which case the Markov chain simulations (MCMC) can diverge greatly after a while.

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