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MCSim User' Manual

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MCSim User' Manual

MCSim is a general purpose modeling and simulation program which also performs standard or Markov chain Monte Carlo simulations. It allows you to specify a set of linear or nonlinear equations (eventually differential), and solve them using parameter values you choose or parameter values sampled from specified statistical distributions. Simulation outputs can be compared to experimental data for parameter estimation.

1. Software License  MCSim is under GNU General Public License
2. Overview  
3. Installation  details for Unix and Macintosh platforms
4. Working Through an Example  highly recommended!
5. Defining Models  syntax of model definition files
6. Specifying Simulations  syntax of simulation specification files
Bibliographic References  
7. Common Pitfalls  errors you will make one day or the other

A. Using make  in case 'man make' gets you lost
B. Examples  examples of models and input files

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Concept Index  

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