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GNU macro processor

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Macro index

References are exclusively to the places where a builtin is introduced the first time. Names starting and ending with `__' have these characters removed in the index.

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Index Entry Section

builtin4.8 Indirect call of builtins

changecom7.3 Changing comment delimiters
changequote7.2 Changing the quote characters
changeword7.4 Changing the lexical structure of words

debugfile6.4 Saving debugging output
debugmode6.3 Controlling debugging output
decr11.1 Decrement and increment operators
define4.1 Defining a macro
defn4.5 Renaming macros
divert9.1 Diverting output
divnum9.3 Diversion numbers
dnl7.1 Deleting whitespace in input
dumpdef6.1 Displaying macro definitions

errprint13.1 Printing error messages
esyscmd12.2 Reading the output of commands
eval11.2 Evaluating integer expressions

file13.1 Printing error messages
format10.7 Formatted output

gnu15.3 Other incompatibilities

ifdef5.1 Testing macro definitions
ifelse5.2 Comparing strings
include8.1 Including named files
incr11.1 Decrement and increment operators
index10.2 Searching for substrings
indir4.7 Indirect call of macros

len10.1 Calculating length of strings
line13.1 Printing error messages

m4exit13.2 Exiting from m4
m4wrap7.5 Saving input
maketemp12.4 Making names for temporary files

patsubst10.6 Substituting text by regular expression
popdef4.6 Temporarily redefining macros
pushdef4.6 Temporarily redefining macros

regexp10.3 Searching for regular expressions

shift5.3 Loops and recursion
sinclude8.1 Including named files
substr10.4 Extracting substrings
syscmd12.1 Executing simple commands
sysval12.3 Exit codes

traceoff6.2 Tracing macro calls
traceon6.2 Tracing macro calls
translit10.5 Translating characters

undefine4.4 Deleting a macro
undivert9.2 Undiverting output
unix15.3 Other incompatibilities

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