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13.3.2 Compilers

The only compiler characteristics that affect libtool are the flags needed (if any) to generate PIC objects. In general, if a C compiler supports certain PIC flags, then any derivative compilers support the same flags. Until there are some noteworthy exceptions to this rule, this section will document only C compilers.

The following C compilers have standard command line options, regardless of the platform:


This is the GNU C compiler, which is also the system compiler for many free operating systems (FreeBSD, GNU/Hurd, GNU/Linux, Lites, NetBSD, and OpenBSD, to name a few).

The `-fpic' or `-fPIC' flags can be used to generate position-independent code. `-fPIC' is guaranteed to generate working code, but the code is slower on m68k, m88k, and Sparc chips. However, using `-fpic' on those chips imposes arbitrary size limits on the shared libraries.

The rest of this subsection lists compilers by the operating system that they are bundled with:

Most AIX compilers have no PIC flags, since AIX (with the exception of AIX for IA-64) runs on PowerPC and RS/6000 chips. (11)

Use `+Z' to generate PIC.

Digital/UNIX 3.x does not have PIC flags, at least not on the PowerPC platform.

Use `-KPIC' to generate PIC.

Use `-PIC' to generate PIC.

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