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13.3 Platform quirks

This section is dedicated to the sanity of the libtool maintainers. It describes the programs that libtool uses, how they vary from system to system, and how to test for them.

Because libtool is a shell script, it can be difficult to understand just by reading it from top to bottom. This section helps show why libtool does things a certain way. Combined with the scripts themselves, you should have a better sense of how to improve libtool, or write your own.

13.3.1 References  Finding more information.
13.3.2 Compilers  Creating object files from source files.
13.3.3 Reloadable objects  Binding object files together.
13.3.4 Multiple dependencies  Removing duplicate dependant libraries.
13.3.5 Archivers  Programs that create static archives.

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