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5.4.2 Autoconf `.o' macros

The Autoconf package comes with a few macros that run tests, then set a variable corresponding to the name of an object file. Sometimes it is necessary to use corresponding names for libtool objects.

Here are the names of variables that list libtool objects:

Variable: LTALLOCA
Substituted by AC_FUNC_ALLOCA (see section `The Autoconf Manual' in The Autoconf Manual). Is either empty, or contains `alloca.lo'.

Substituted by AC_REPLACE_FUNCS (see section `The Autoconf Manual' in The Autoconf Manual), and a few other functions.

Unfortunately, the stable release of Autoconf (2.13, at the time of this writing) does not have any way for libtool to provide support for these variables. So, if you depend on them, use the following code immediately before the call to AC_OUTPUT in your `configure.in':

LTLIBOBJS=`echo "$LIBOBJS" | sed 's/\.[^.]* /.lo /g;s/\.[^.]*$/.lo/'`
LTALLOCA=`echo "$ALLOCA" | sed 's/\.[^.]* /.lo /g;s/\.[^.]*$/.lo/'`

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