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5.4.1 Invoking libtoolize

The libtoolize program provides a standard way to add libtool support to your package. In the future, it may implement better usage checking, or other features to make libtool even easier to use.

The libtoolize program has the following synopsis:

libtoolize [option]...

and accepts the following options:

Work silently, and assume that Automake libtool support is used.

`libtoolize --automake' is used by Automake to add libtool files to your package, when AC_PROG_LIBTOOL appears in your `configure.in'.

Copy files from the libtool data directory rather than creating symlinks.

Dump a trace of shell script execution to standard output. This produces a lot of output, so you may wish to pipe it to less (or more) or redirect to a file.

Don't run any commands that modify the file system, just print them out.

Replace existing libtool files. By default, libtoolize won't overwrite existing files.

Display a help message and exit.

Install libltdl in a subdirectory of your package.

Add the file libltdl.tar.gz to your package.

Print libtoolize version information and exit.

If libtoolize detects an explicit call to AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR (see section `The Autoconf Manual' in The Autoconf Manual) in your `configure.in', it will put the files in the specified directory.

libtoolize displays hints for adding libtool support to your package, as well.

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