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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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16. Projects using Kawa

JEmacs is included in the Kawa distribution. It is a project to re-implement Emacs, allowing a mix of Java. Scheme, and Emacs Lisp. It has its own home-page.

BRL ("the Beautiful Report Language") is a database-oriented language to embed in HTML and other markup. BRL allows you to embed Scheme in a an HTML file on a web server.

The Health Media Research Laboratory, part of the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Michigan, is using Kawa as an integral part of its core tailoring technologies. Java programs using Kawa libraries are used to administer customized web-based surveys, generate tailored feedback, validate data, and "characterize," or transform, data. Kawa code is embedded directly in XML-formatted surveys and data dictionaries. Performance and ease of implementation has far exceeded expectations. For more information contact Paul R. Potts, Technical Director, Health Media Research Lab, <potts@umich.edu>.

Mike Dillon (mdillon@gjt.org) did the preliminary work of creating a Kawa plugin for jEdit. It is called SchemeShell and provides a REPL inside of the jEdit console for executing expressions in Kawa (much as the BeanShell plugin does with the BeanShell scripting language). It is currently available only via CVS from:

STMicroelectronics (marco.vezzoli@st.com) uses Kawa in a prototypal intranet 3tier information retrival system as a communication protocol between server and clients and to do server agents programming.

The Nice Programming Language is an open source research language that has a Java-like syntax. It features multiple dispatch methods, parametric types, higher-order functions, tuples, ..., and the new concept of "abstract interfaces". The Nice compiler (nicec) uses Kawa's gnu.expr and gnu.bytecode packages to generate Java bytecode. You can find more about Nice at http://nice.sourceforge.net. For more information feel free to contact Daniel Bonniot (d.bonniot@mail.dotcom.fr).

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