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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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15. Technical Support for Kawa

If you have a project that depends on Kawa or one of its component packages, you might do well get get paid priority support from Kawa's author.

The base price is $2400 for one year. This entitles you to basic support by email or phone. Per per@bothner.com will answer techical questions about Kawa or its implementation, investigate bug reports, and suggest work-arounds. I may (at my discretion) provide fixes and enhancements (patches) for simple problems. Reponse for support requests received using the day (California time) will normally be within a few hours.

All support requests must come through a single designated contact person. If Kawa is important to your business, you probably want at least two contact people, doubling the price.

If the support contract is cancelled (by either party), remaining time will be prorated and refunded.

Per is also available for development projects.

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