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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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12.5 Functions for generating HTTP responses

Function: unescaped-data data
Creates a special value which causes data to be printed, as is, without normal escaping. For example, when the output format is XML, then printing "<?xml?>" prints as `&lt;?xml?&gt;', but (unescaped-data "<?xml?>") prints as `<?xml?>'.

If using plain Scheme, you need to do the following before using these functions.
(require 'http)
This is not needed for KRL or XQuery.

Function: response-header key value
Create the response header `key: value' in the HTTP response. The result is a "response header value" (of some unspecified type). It does not directly set or print a response header, but only does so when you actually "print" its value to the response output stream.

Function: response-content-type type
Species the content-type of the result - for example "text/plain". Convenience function for (response-header "Content-Type" type).

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