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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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3.3.1 Build Kawa using configure and make

In your build directory do:
tar xzf kawa-1.6.99.tar.gz
cd kawa-1.6.99

Then you must configure the sources. This you can do the same way you configure most other GNU software. Normally you can just run the configure script with no arguments:


This will specify that a later make install will install the compiled `.class' files into /usr/local/share/java. If you want them to be installed someplace else, such as $PREFIX/share/java, then specify that when you run configure:
./configure --prefix $PREFIX

If you have the GNU `readline' library installed, you might try adding the `--enable-kawa-frontend' flag. This will build the `kawa' front-end program, which provides input-line editing and an input history. You can get `readline' from archives of GNU programs, including ftp://www.gnu.org/.

If you have Swing installed, and want to use JEmacs (Emacs in Java), also pass the --with-swing flag to configure.

If you have installed Kawa before, make sure your CLASSPATH does not include old versions of Kawa, or other classes that may conflict with the new ones.

Thus you need to compile all the .java source files. Just run make:
This assumes that `java' and `javac' are the java interpreter and compiler, respectively. For example, if you are using the Kaffe Java interpreter, you need to instead say:
make JAVA=kaffe

You can now test the system by running Kawa in place:
java kawa.repl

or you can run the test suite:
(cd testsuite;  make check)

or you can install the compiled files:
make install

This will install your classes into $PREFIX/share/java (and its sub-directories). Here $PREFIX is the directory you specified to configure with the --prefix option, or /usr/local if you did not specify a --prefix option.

To use the installed files, you need to set CLASSPATH so that $PREFIX/share/java/kawa.jar is in the path:
This is done automatically if you use the `kawa' script.

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