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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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3.3 Installing and using the source distribution

The Kawa release normally comes as a gzip-compressed tar file named `kawa-1.6.99.tar.gz'. The same sources are available as a zip file `kawa-1.6.99-src.zip'. Two methods are supporting for compiling the Kawa sources; choose whichever is most convenient for you.

One method uses the traditional GNU configure script, followed by running make. This works well on Unix-like systems, such as GNU/Linux. It does not work well under Microsoft Windows. (Even when using the CygWin Unix-emulation package there are some problems with file paths.)

The other method uses the ant command, a Java-based build system released by Apache's Jakarta project. This uses an build.xml file in place of Makefiles, and works on non-Unix systems such as Microsoft Windows. However, the ant method is relatively new, and does not support all the features of the configure+make method.

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