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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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10. Object, Classes and Modules

Kawa provides various ways to define, create, and access Java objects. Here are the currently supported features.

The Kawa module system is based on the features of the Java class system.

10.1 Records  
10.2 Mapping Scheme names to Java names  
10.3 Allocating objects  
10.5 Accessing fields of Java objects  
10.4 Calling Java methods from Scheme  
10.6 Defining new classes  
10.7 Anonymous classes  
10.8 Modules and how they are compiled to classes  

Syntax: this
Returns the "this object" - the current instance of the current class. The current implementation is incomplete, not robust, and not well defined. However, it will have to do for now. Note: "this" is a macro, not a variable, so you have to write it using parentheses: `(this)'. A planned extension will allow an optional class specifier (needed for nested clases).

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