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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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7.17 Processes

Function: make-process command envp
Creates a <java.lang.Process> object, using the specified command and envp. The command is converted to an array of Java strings (that is an object that has type <java.lang.String[]>. It can be a Scheme vector or list (whose elements should be Java strings or Scheme strings); a Java array of Java strings; or a Scheme string. In the latter case, the command is converted using command-parse. The envp is process environment; it should be either a Java array of Java strings, or the special #!null value.

Function: system command
Runs the specified command, and waits for it to finish. Returns the return code from the command. The return code is an integer, where 0 conventionally means successful completion. The command can be any of the types handled by make-process.

Variable: command-parse
The value of this variable should be a one-argument procedure. It is used to convert a command from a Scheme string to a Java array of the constituent "words". The default binding, on Unix-like systems, returns a new command to invoke "/bin/sh" "-c" concatenated with the command string; on non-Unix-systems, it is bound to tokenize-string-to-string-array.

Function: tokenize-string-to-string-array command
Uses a java.util.StringTokenizer to parse the command string into an array of words. This splits the command using spaces to delimit words; there is no special processing for quotes or other special characters. (This is the same as what java.lang.Runtime.exec(String) does.)

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