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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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7.16 Threads

There is a very preliminary interface to create parallel threads. The interface is similar to the standard delay/force, where a thread is basically the same as a promise, except that evaluation may be in parallel.

So far, little or no effort has been made into making Kawa thread-safe. There are no per-thread bindings, and the current input and output parts are global. That needs to change.

Syntax: future expression
Creates a new thread that evaluates expression.

Function: force thread
The standard force function has generalized to also work on threads. If waits for the thread's expression to finish executing, and returns the result.

Function: sleep time
Suspends the current thread for the specified time. The time can be either a pure number (in secords), or a quantity whose unit is a time unit (such as 10s).

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