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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

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Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system

The Kawa Scheme system, by Per Bothner

Kawa is a Scheme environment, written in Java, and that compiles Scheme code into Java byte-codes.

This documents version 1.6.99, updated 12 June 2002.

See the summary of recent changes.

The author of Kawa is Per Bothner per@bothner.com. Kawa is a re-write of Kawa 0.2, which was written by R. Alexander Milowski alex@copsol.com.

The Kawa home page (which is currently just an on-line version of this document) is http://www.gnu.org/software/kawa/.

The Scheme repository has various useful information on Scheme. but it is not very actively updated. A new repository has been started at www.schemers.org. It includes pointer to an online copy of R5RS.

A nice quick introduction to Scheme can be found in Greg Badros's lecture notes. A more in-depth tutorial which also discusses Scheme implementation is Paul Wilson's "An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation".

Javadoc generated documentation of the Kawa classes is also available.

For copyright information on the software and documentation, see 17. License.

This package has nothing to do with the Kawa commercial Java IDE.

The packages gnu.bytecode, gnu.math, gnu.lists, gnu.xml, gnu.expr, gnu.mapping, and gnu.text, are used by Kawa, and distributed with it, but may be independently useful.

For a technical overview of Kawa, see these papers.

Kawa is partly sponsored by Brainfood.

1. Features  
2. Getting Kawa  
3. Building and installing Kawa  
4. How to start up and run Kawa  
5. Features of R5RS not implemented  
6. Compiling Scheme code to byte-code or an executable  
7. Extensions  Various Kawa features not in standard Scheme
8. Input, output, and file handling  
9. Types  
10. Object, Classes and Modules  
11. The Scheme-Java interface  
12. Tools for working with XML and HTML  
13. KRL - The Kawa Report Language for generating XML/HTML  The Kawa Report Language for generating XML/HTML
14. Mailing lists  Where to report bugs, discuss changes, etc
15. Technical Support for Kawa  Technical support for Kawa
16. Projects using Kawa  
17. License  

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