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GNU networking utilities

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13.1 Invoking

The options are as follows:

`-f FILE'
Override configuration (the default file is `/etc/syslog.conf').

Override pidfile (the default file is `/var/run/syslogd.pid').

Do not enter daemon mode.

Print debug information (implies `-n').

`-p FILE'
Override default UNIX domain socket `/dev/log'.
Add UNIX socket to listen. An unlimited number of sockets is allowed.

Receive remote messages via Internet domain socket.

Do not listen on UNIX domain sockets (overrides `-a' and `-p').

Do not listen to kernel log device `/dev/klog'.

Do not forward any messages (overrides `-h').

Forward messages from remote hosts.

Specify timestamp interval in logs (0 for no timestamps).

Log hosts in HOSTLIST by their hostname. Multiple lists are allowed.

List of domains which should be stripped from the FQDN of hosts before logging their name. Multiple lists are allowed.

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