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GNU networking utilities

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1. Introduction

The individual utilities was originally derived from the 4.4BSDLite2 distribution. Many features were integrated from NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and GNU/Linux, the merges were done by a group of dedicated hackers (in no particular order): Jeff Bailey, Marcus Brinkmann, Michael Vogt, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, Kaveh R. Ghazi, NIIBE Yutaka, Nathan Neulinger, Jeff Smith, Dan Stromberg, David O'Shea, Frederic Goudal, Gerald Combs, Joachim Gabler, Marco D'Itri.

Certain options are available in all these programs. Rather than writing identical descriptions for each of the programs, they are described here. (In fact, every GNU program accepts (or should accept) these options.)

Many of these programs take arbitrary strings as arguments. In those cases, `--help' and `--version' are taken as these options only if there is one and exactly one command line argument.

Print a usage message listing all available options, then exit successfully.

Print the version number, then exit successfully.

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