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Guile Reference Manual

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17.1 How One Might Extend Dia Using Guile

Dia is a free software program for drawing schematic diagrams like flow charts and floor plans (REFFIXME). This section conducts the thought experiment of adding Guile to Dia. In so doing, it aims to illustrate several of the steps and considerations involved in adding Guile to applications in general.

17.1.1 Deciding Why You Want to Add Guile  Deciding why you want to add Guile.
17.1.2 Four Steps Required to Add Guile  Four steps required to add Guile.
17.1.3 How to Represent Dia Data in Scheme  How to represent Dia data in Scheme.
17.1.4 Writing Guile Primitives for Dia  Writing Guile primitives for Dia.
17.1.5 Providing a Hook for the Evaluation of Scheme Code  Providing a hook for Scheme evaluation.
17.1.6 Top-level Structure of Guile-enabled Dia  Overall structure for adding Guile.
17.1.7 Going Further with Dia and Guile  Going further with Dia and Guile.

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