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Guile Reference Manual

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14. Basic Ideas in Scheme

In this chapter, we introduce the basic concepts that underpin the elegance and power of the Scheme language.

Readers who already possess a background knowledge of Scheme may happily skip this chapter. For the reader who is new to the language, however, the following discussions on data, procedures, expressions and closure are designed to provide a minimum level of Scheme understanding that is more or less assumed by the reference chapters that follow.

The style of this introductory material aims about halfway between the terse precision of R5RS and the discursive randomness of a Scheme tutorial.

14.1 Data Types, Values and Variables  Latent typing, types, values and variables.
14.2 The Representation and Use of Procedures  The representation and use of procedures.
14.3 Expressions and Evaluation  All kinds of expressions and their meaning.
14.4 The Concept of Closure  Closure, scoping and environments.

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