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Guile Reference Manual

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R5RS Index: P -- Z

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Index Entry Section

pair?22.1 Pairs
peek-char?27.2 Reading
positive?21.2.8 Comparison Predicates
procedure?23.3 Procedure Properties and Meta-information

quotient21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values

rational?21.2.3 Real and Rational Numbers
read28.2 Reading Scheme Code
read-char?27.2 Reading
real-part21.2.10 Complex Number Operations
real?21.2.3 Real and Rational Numbers
remainder21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values
reverse22.2.5 Append and Reverse
round21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions

set-car!22.1 Pairs
set-cdr!22.1 Pairs
sin21.2.12 Scientific Functions
sqrt21.2.12 Scientific Functions
string21.4.3 String Constructors
string->list21.4.4 List/String conversion
string->number21.2.9 Converting Numbers To and From Strings
string->symbol21.6.4 Operations Related to Symbols
string-append21.4.10 Appending Strings
string-ci<21.4.7 String Comparison
string-ci=?21.4.7 String Comparison
string-ci>=?21.4.7 String Comparison
string-ci>?21.4.7 String Comparison
string-copy21.4.5 String Selection
string-fill!21.4.6 String Modification
string-length21.4.5 String Selection
string-ref21.4.5 String Selection
string-set!21.4.6 String Modification
string<=?21.4.7 String Comparison
string<=?21.4.7 String Comparison
string<?21.4.7 String Comparison
string=?21.4.7 String Comparison
string>=?21.4.7 String Comparison
string>?21.4.7 String Comparison
string?21.4.2 String Predicates
substring21.4.5 String Selection
symbol->string21.6.4 Operations Related to Symbols
symbol?21.6.4 Operations Related to Symbols

tan21.2.12 Scientific Functions
truncate21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions

values26.6 Returning and Accepting Multiple Values
vector22.3.2 Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
vector->list22.3.2 Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
vector-fill!22.3.3 Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector-length22.3.3 Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector-ref22.3.3 Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector-set!22.3.3 Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
vector?22.3.2 Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation

with-input-from-file27.9.1 File Ports
with-output-to-file27.9.1 File Ports
write-char27.3 Writing

zero?21.2.8 Comparison Predicates

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