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Guile Reference Manual

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Procedure Index: H -- L

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Index Entry Section

hash22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hash-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hash-fold22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hash-get-handle22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hash-ref22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hash-remove! Hash Table Reference
hash-set! Hash Table Reference
hashq22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashq-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hashq-get-handle22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashq-ref22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashq-remove! Hash Table Reference
hashq-set! Hash Table Reference
hashv22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashv-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hashv-get-handle22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashv-ref22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashv-remove! Hash Table Reference
hashv-set! Hash Table Reference
hashx-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hashx-get-handle22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashx-ref22.7.3.2 Hash Table Reference
hashx-set! Hash Table Reference
hook->list24.6.2 Hook Reference
hook-empty?24.6.2 Hook Reference
hook?24.6.2 Hook Reference
hostent:addr-list38.11.2.1 The Host Database
hostent:addrtype38.11.2.1 The Host Database
hostent:aliases38.11.2.1 The Host Database
hostent:length38.11.2.1 The Host Database
hostent:name38.11.2.1 The Host Database
htonl38.11.3 Network Sockets and Communication
htons38.11.3 Network Sockets and Communication

if26.2 Simple Conditional Evaluation
imag-part21.2.10 Complex Number Operations
inet-aton38.11.1.1 IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-lnaof38.11.1.1 IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-makeaddr38.11.1.1 IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-netof38.11.1.1 IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-ntoa38.11.1.1 IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-ntop38.11.1.2 IPv6 Address Conversion
inet-pton38.11.1.2 IPv6 Address Conversion
inexact->exact21.2.5 Exact and Inexact Numbers
inexact?21.2.5 Exact and Inexact Numbers
input-port?27.1 Ports
integer->char21.3 Characters
integer-expt21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
integer-length21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
integer?21.2.2 Integers
interaction-environment28.3 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
intern-symbol36.6 Obarray Symbol Manipulation
iota39.3.1 Constructors
isatty?38.9 Terminals and Ptys

join-thread32.4.1 Low level thread primitives

key33.3.6 Evaluator trap options
key33.3.6 Evaluator trap options
keyword->symbol21.7.4 Keyword Procedures
keyword-dash-symbol21.7.5 Keyword Primitives
keyword?21.7.5 Keyword Primitives
kill38.8 Signals

lambda23.1 Lambda: Basic Procedure Creation
lambda*23.2.3 lambda* Reference
last39.3.3 Selectors
last-pair22.2.4 List Selection
last-stack-frame35.3 Capturing the Stack or Innermost Stack Frame
lazy-catch26.7.4 Catch Without Unwinding
lchown38.3 File System
lcm21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values
length22.2.4 List Selection
length+39.3.4 Length, Append, Concatenate, etc.
let25.2 Local Variable Bindings
let26.4 Iteration mechanisms
let*25.2 Local Variable Bindings
let-keywords23.2.2 let-keywords Reference
let-keywords23.2.2 let-keywords Reference
let-optional23.2.1 let-optional Reference
let-optional*23.2.1 let-optional Reference
letrec25.2 Local Variable Bindings
link38.3 File System
list22.2.3 List Constructors
list->char-set39.12.5 Creating Character Sets
list->char-set!39.12.5 Creating Character Sets
list->string21.4.3 String Constructors
list->TAGvector39.5.2 SRFI-4 Procedures
list->uniform-array22.6.3 Uniform Arrays
list->uniform-vector22.6.3 Uniform Arrays
list->vector22.3.2 Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
list->weak-vector29.2.2 Weak vectors
list-cdr-ref22.2.4 List Selection
list-cdr-set!22.2.6 List Modification
list-copy22.2.3 List Constructors
list-head22.2.4 List Selection
list-index39.3.7 Searching
list-ref22.2.4 List Selection
list-set!22.2.6 List Modification
list-tabulate39.3.1 Constructors
list-tail22.2.4 List Selection
list=39.3.2 Predicates
list?22.2.2 List Predicates
listen38.11.3 Network Sockets and Communication
load28.4 Loading Scheme Code from File
load-from-path28.4 Loading Scheme Code from File
local-eval28.6 Local Evaluation
localtime38.5 Time
lock-mutex32.4.1 Low level thread primitives
log21.2.12 Scientific Functions
log1021.2.12 Scientific Functions
logand21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
logbit?21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
logcount21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
logior21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
lognot21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
logtest21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
logxor21.2.14 Bitwise Operations
lset-adjoin39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-adjoin!39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-diff+intersection39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-diff+intersection!39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-difference39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-difference!39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-intersection39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-intersection!39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-union39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-union!39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-xor39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset-xor!39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset<=39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lset=39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists
lstat38.3 File System

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