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Guile Reference Manual

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*21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions

+21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions

-21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions

/21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions

abs21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions
acos21.2.12 Scientific Functions
angle21.2.10 Complex Number Operations
append22.2.5 Append and Reverse
apply28.3 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
asin21.2.12 Scientific Functions
assoc22.7.2.3 Retrieving Alist Entries
assq22.7.2.3 Retrieving Alist Entries
assv22.7.2.3 Retrieving Alist Entries
atan21.2.12 Scientific Functions

boolean?21.1 Booleans

call-with-current-continuation26.5 Continuations
call-with-input-file27.9.1 File Ports
call-with-output-file27.9.1 File Ports
call-with-values26.6 Returning and Accepting Multiple Values
car22.1 Pairs
cdr22.1 Pairs
ceiling21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions
char->integer21.3 Characters
char-alphabetic?21.3 Characters
char-ci<=?21.3 Characters
char-ci<?21.3 Characters
char-ci=?21.3 Characters
char-ci>=?21.3 Characters
char-ci>?21.3 Characters
char-downcase21.3 Characters
char-lower-case?21.3 Characters
char-numeric?21.3 Characters
char-ready?27.2 Reading
char-upcase21.3 Characters
char-upper-case?21.3 Characters
char-whitespace?21.3 Characters
char<=?21.3 Characters
char<?21.3 Characters
char=?21.3 Characters
char>=?21.3 Characters
char>?21.3 Characters
char?21.3 Characters
close-input-port27.4 Closing
close-output-port27.4 Closing
complex?21.2.4 Complex Numbers
cons22.1 Pairs
cos21.2.12 Scientific Functions
current-input-port27.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
current-output-port27.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors

display27.3 Writing
dynamic-wind26.9 Dynamic Wind

eof-object?27.2 Reading
eq?24.1 Equality
equal?24.1 Equality
eqv?24.1 Equality
eval28.3 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
even?21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values
exact->inexact21.2.5 Exact and Inexact Numbers
exact?21.2.5 Exact and Inexact Numbers
exp21.2.12 Scientific Functions
expt21.2.12 Scientific Functions

floor21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions
for-each22.2.8 List Mapping
force28.5 Delayed Evaluation

gcd21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values

imag-part21.2.10 Complex Number Operations
inexact->exact21.2.5 Exact and Inexact Numbers
inexact?21.2.5 Exact and Inexact Numbers
input-port?27.1 Ports
integer->char21.3 Characters
integer?21.2.2 Integers
interaction-environment28.3 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation

lcm21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values
length22.2.4 List Selection
list22.2.3 List Constructors
list->string21.4.3 String Constructors
list->vector22.3.2 Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
list-ref22.2.4 List Selection
list-tail22.2.4 List Selection
list?22.2.2 List Predicates
load28.4 Loading Scheme Code from File
log21.2.12 Scientific Functions

magnitude21.2.10 Complex Number Operations
make-polar21.2.10 Complex Number Operations
make-rectangular21.2.10 Complex Number Operations
make-string21.4.3 String Constructors
make-vector22.3.2 Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
map22.2.8 List Mapping
max21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions
member22.2.7 List Searching
memq22.2.7 List Searching
memv22.2.7 List Searching
min21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions
modulo21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values

negative?21.2.8 Comparison Predicates
newline27.3 Writing
not21.1 Booleans
null?22.2.2 List Predicates
number->string21.2.9 Converting Numbers To and From Strings
number?21.2.1 Scheme's Numerical "Tower"

odd?21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values
open-input-file27.9.1 File Ports
open-output-file27.9.1 File Ports
output-port?27.1 Ports

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