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Guile Reference Manual

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Variable Index

This is an alphabetical list of all the important variables and constants in Guile.

When looking for a particular variable or constant, please look under its Scheme name as well as under its C name. The C name can be constructed from the Scheme names by a simple transformation described in the section See section 20.1.1 Transforming Scheme name to C name.

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Index Entry Section

%guile-build-info33.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
%load-extensions28.4 Loading Scheme Code from File
%load-hook28.4 Loading Scheme Code from File
%load-path33.1 Configuration, Build and Installation

*features*33.2 Feature Tracking

after-gc-hook24.6.5.1 Hooks for Garbage Collection

char-set:ascii39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:blank39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:digit39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:empty39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:full39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:graphic39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:hex-digit39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:iso-control39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:letter39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:letter+digit39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:lower-case39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:printing39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:punctuation39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:symbol39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:title-case39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:upper-case39.12.8 Standard Character Sets
char-set:whitespace39.12.8 Standard Character Sets

F_OK38.3 File System

INADDR_ANY38.11.3 Network Sockets and Communication
INADDR_BROADCAST38.11.3 Network Sockets and Communication
INADDR_LOOPBACK38.11.3 Network Sockets and Communication
INADDR_NONE38.11.3 Network Sockets and Communication
internal-time-units-per-second38.5 Time

O_APPEND38.2 Ports and File Descriptors
O_CREAT38.2 Ports and File Descriptors
O_RDONLY38.2 Ports and File Descriptors
O_RDWR38.2 Ports and File Descriptors
O_WRONLY38.2 Ports and File Descriptors

R_OK38.3 File System
REG_EXTENDED44. The Rx Regular Expression Library
REG_ICASE44. The Rx Regular Expression Library
REG_NEWLINE44. The Rx Regular Expression Library
REG_NOTBOL44. The Rx Regular Expression Library
REG_NOTEOL44. The Rx Regular Expression Library

scm_after_gc_c_hook24.6.5.1 Hooks for Garbage Collection
scm_after_gc_hook24.6.5.1 Hooks for Garbage Collection
scm_after_sweep_c_hook24.6.5.1 Hooks for Garbage Collection
scm_before_gc_c_hook24.6.5.1 Hooks for Garbage Collection
scm_before_mark_c_hook24.6.5.1 Hooks for Garbage Collection
scm_before_sweep_c_hook24.6.5.1 Hooks for Garbage Collection
SCM_BOOL_F19.3 Data types and constants defined by gh
SCM_BOOL_T19.3 Data types and constants defined by gh
SCM_C_HOOK_AND24.6.4 Hooks For C Code.
SCM_C_HOOK_NORMAL24.6.4 Hooks For C Code.
SCM_C_HOOK_OR24.6.4 Hooks For C Code.
SCM_UNDEFINED19.3 Data types and constants defined by gh
SCM_UNSPECIFIED19.3 Data types and constants defined by gh
SEEK_CUR27.5 Random Access
SEEK_END27.5 Random Access
SEEK_SET27.5 Random Access
SIGHUP38.8 Signals
SIGINT38.8 Signals

W_OK38.3 File System
WNOHANG38.7 Processes
WUNTRACED38.7 Processes

X_OK38.3 File System

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