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39.12.4 Iterating Over Character Sets

Character set cursors are a means for iterating over the members of a character sets. After creating a character set cursor with char-set-cursor, a cursor can be dereferenced with char-set-ref, advanced to the next member with char-set-cursor-next. Whether a cursor has passed past the last element of the set can be checked with end-of-char-set?.

Additionally, mapping and (un-)folding procedures for character sets are provided.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-cursor cs
Return a cursor into the character set cs.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-ref cs cursor
Return the character at the current cursor position cursor in the character set cs. It is an error to pass a cursor for which end-of-char-set? returns true.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-cursor-next cs cursor
Advance the character set cursor cursor to the next character in the character set cs. It is an error if the cursor given satisfies end-of-char-set?.

Scheme Procedure: end-of-char-set? cursor
Return #t if cursor has reached the end of a character set, #f otherwise.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-fold kons knil cs
Fold the procedure kons over the character set cs, initializing it with knil.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-unfold p f g seed [base_cs]
Scheme Procedure: char-set-unfold! p f g seed base_cs
This is a fundamental constructor for character sets.

char-set-unfold! is the side-effecting variant.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-for-each proc cs
Apply proc to every character in the character set cs. The return value is not specified.

Scheme Procedure: char-set-map proc cs
Map the procedure proc over every character in cs. proc must be a character -> character procedure.

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