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39.12 SRFI-14 - Character-set Library

SRFI-14 defines the data type character set, and also defines a lot of procedures for handling this character type, and a few standard character sets like whitespace, alphabetic characters and others.

All procedures from SRFI-14 (character-set library) are implemented in the module (srfi srfi-14), as well as the standard variables char-set:letter, char-set:digit etc.

39.12.1 Loading SRFI-14  How to make charsets available.
39.12.2 Character Set Data Type  Underlying data type for charsets.
39.12.3 Predicates/Comparison  Charset predicates.
39.12.4 Iterating Over Character Sets  Enumerate charset elements.
39.12.5 Creating Character Sets  Making new charsets.
39.12.6 Querying Character Sets  Test charsets for membership etc.
39.12.7 Character-Set Algebra  Calculating new charsets.
39.12.8 Standard Character Sets  Variables containing predefined charsets.

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