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Guile Reference Manual

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39.11.10 Alphabetic Case Mapping

These procedures convert the alphabetic case of strings. They are similar to the procedures in the Guile core, but are extended to handle optional start/end indices.

Scheme Procedure: string-upcase s [start end]
Scheme Procedure: string-upcase! s [start end]
Upcase every character in s. string-upcase! is the side-effecting variant.

Scheme Procedure: string-downcase s [start end]
Scheme Procedure: string-downcase! s [start end]
Downcase every character in s. string-downcase! is the side-effecting variant.

Scheme Procedure: string-titlecase s [start end]
Scheme Procedure: string-titlecase! s [start end]
Upcase every first character in every word in s, downcase the other characters. string-titlecase! is the side-effecting variant.

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