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39.11.4 List/String Conversion

The procedure string->list is extended by SRFI-13, that is why it is included in (srfi srfi-13). The other procedures are new. The Guile core already contains the procedure list->string for converting a list of characters into a string (see section 21.4.4 List/String conversion).

Scheme Procedure: string->list str [start end]
Convert the string str into a list of characters.

Scheme Procedure: reverse-list->string chrs
An efficient implementation of (compose string->list reverse):

(reverse-list->string '(#\a #\B #\c)) => "cBa"

Scheme Procedure: string-join ls [delimiter grammar]
Append the string in the string list ls, using the string delim as a delimiter between the elements of ls. grammar is a symbol which specifies how the delimiter is placed between the strings, and defaults to the symbol infix.

Insert the separator between list elements. An empty string will produce an empty list.

Like infix, but will raise an error if given the empty list.

Insert the separator after every list element.

Insert the separator before each list element.

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