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Guile Reference Manual

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39.11 SRFI-13 - String Library

In this section, we will describe all procedures defined in SRFI-13 (string library) and implemented by the module (srfi srfi-13).

Note that only the procedures from SRFI-13 are documented here which are not already contained in Guile. For procedures not documented here please refer to the relevant chapters in the Guile Reference Manual, for example the documentation of strings and string procedures (see section 21.4 Strings).

All of the procedures defined in SRFI-13, which are not already included in the Guile core library, are implemented in the module (srfi srfi-13). The procedures which are both in Guile and in SRFI-13 are slightly extended in this module. Their bindings overwrite those in the Guile core.

The procedures which are defined in the section Low-level procedures of SRFI-13 for parsing optional string indices, substring specification checking and Knuth-Morris-Pratt-Searching are not implemented.

The procedures string-contains and string-contains-ci are not implemented very efficiently at the moment. This will be changed as soon as possible.

39.11.1 Loading SRFI-13  How to load SRFI-13 support.
39.11.2 Predicates  String predicates.
39.11.3 Constructors  String constructing procedures.
39.11.4 List/String Conversion  Conversion from/to lists.
39.11.5 Selection  Selection portions of strings.
39.11.6 Modification  Modify strings in-place.
39.11.7 Comparison  Compare strings.
39.11.8 Prefixes/Suffixes  Detect common pre-/suffixes.
39.11.9 Searching  Searching for substrings.
39.11.10 Alphabetic Case Mapping  Mapping to lower-/upper-case.
39.11.11 Reverse/Append  Reverse and append strings.
39.11.12 Fold/Unfold/Map  Construct/deconstruct strings.
39.11.13 Replicate/Rotate  Replicate and rotate portions of strings.
39.11.14 Miscellaneous  Left-over string procedures.
39.11.15 Filtering/Deleting  Filter and delete characters from strings.

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